Features / op-eds / interviews

Features / interviews:
Meet the mums doing it on their own (Jewish Chronicle)
New Nisa-Nashim Group Launches in Golders Green (Nisa-Nashim website)
8 things you need to know about life with a double buggy (Mush)
The French Jews have landed (Jewish Renaissance)
A British Jew Mourns, Fears Brexit (The Forward)
Interview with Jerry Springer (Jewish Renaissance)
Creativity blooms at world’s first art kibbutz (Jewish Renaissance)
Frédéric Brenner: Israel under the lens (Jewish Renaissance)
Too Close for Comfort in Nairobi (New York Jewish Week)
Is American Jewish Culture in Crisis? (Jewish Renaissance)
British Jewish Culture Surging Into The Mainstream – includes interview with Booker Prize winner, novelist Howard Jacobson (New York Jewish Week)
American rabbis call for gay acceptance (Jewish Chronicle)
New York Chasidic rebels learn to be secular (Jewish Chronicle)
Darts players target pubs as sport wanes (Reuters UK)
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