samples of published work

Features / op-eds / interviews:
(Jewish Chronicle)
Meet Flatbush Girl: frum, funny, feminist (Jewish Chronicle)
Meet the women who want to save your life (Jewish Chronicle)
Meet the mums doing it on their own (Jewish Chronicle)
New Nisa-Nashim Group Launches in Golders Green (Nisa-Nashim website)
The French Jews have landed (Jewish Renaissance)
A British Jew Mourns, Fears Brexit (The Forward)
Interview with Jerry Springer (Jewish Renaissance)
Creativity blooms at world’s first art kibbutz (Jewish Renaissance)
Frédéric Brenner: Israel under the lens (Jewish Renaissance)
Too Close for Comfort in Nairobi (New York Jewish Week)
Is American Jewish Culture in Crisis? (Jewish Renaissance)
British Jewish Culture Surging Into The Mainstream – includes interview with Booker Prize winner, novelist Howard Jacobson (New York Jewish Week)
American rabbis call for gay acceptance (Jewish Chronicle)
New York Chasidic rebels learn to be secular (Jewish Chronicle)
Darts players target pubs as sport wanes (Reuters UK)
Mum blogging
Why After-School Errands are Always a Bad Idea (The Motherload)
The Pressure to Bottle Feed (The Motherload)
The Playdate  (The Motherload)
It’s my son’s birthday and I’ll cry if I want to (The Motherload)
8 things you need to know about life with a double buggy (Mush)
Writing for The Sisterhood column in The Forward, and other pieces about women’s issues:
The Orthodox Feminist Revolution Has Finally Arrived – in London
Q&A – Dina Pinner of KayamaMoms Talks Motherhood for Single Orthodox Women
Confessions of an Orthodox Feminist
Gay, Female and Seeking a Home in the Orthodox Community
Rabba, Therapist Team Up To Fight Eating Disorders
A feminist victory…on America’s Next Top Model
What Leads to ‘Burqa Rage’
Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Nomad
Strip Tease: YU Museum’s ‘Graphic Details’ exhibit spotlights feminist and edgy Jewish comics (New York Jewish Week)
JOFA Conference 2010 (Jewish Renaissance)
Blogging on The Times of Israel:
Polygamy, cheating husbands and wife-beating – is this still the fate for women in the 21st century?
Gulp – is being a rabbi’s wife not so bad after all?
It’s lonely being at the top
Quirky Jews and corrupt cops
Ant invasion at the vicarage, as vuvuzelas trumpet outside
Whatever you do, don’t call me ‘Rebbetzin’
Arts reviews for The Forward and others:
Art Kibbutz Bears First Fruits
Mysterious Manuscript Owners Come to Life
Window to a Medieval Seder
Monday Music: ‘Jewish Voices’ in Prayer
High-Tech Messiah in Brooklyn
Challenging Aesthetics at The Jewish Museum
Ghosts in the Living Room
Slideshow: Departures, Experiments and ‘Degenerate Art’
Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust
Theresienstadt drama keeps the evil underneath
Woman in Mind (Culture Compass)
Crossing Tracks (Culture Compass)
Eco-news for Green Futures magazine:
Empire State Building gets eco-makeover
Green pound power 
‘Reuse It Yourself’ movement could revolutionise DIY 
Waste vegetable fat to surface the roads
Academic writing:
Mapping Jewish Culture Today: A Pilot Project (Institute for Jewish Policy Research)

One Response to “samples of published work”

  1. Xana Jones January 8, 2012 at 08:25 #

    Hey Rebecca!
    Hope you and B are well; sorry not to have been in touch for so long.
    Your list of publications is wonderful! Have enjoyed browsing your blog.
    Would be great to skype sometime soon,
    lots of love Xana x

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