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Sheitel à la Sorole Palinsky

9 Aug

You can’t go anywhere these days without Sarah Palin rearing her ugly head. It seems her sphere of influence extends even into the sheitel*-wearing public of America, who have apparently enthusiastically adopted a wig model styled on her inimitable hockey-mom locks.

Here’s what the Daily Forward had to say on the matter:

America’s most controversial hockey mom has inspired a new item made for religious women that probably isn’t sold up there in Alaska, gosh darn it!

The “Sarah Palin Wig,” based on the hairstyle of the Last Frontier State governor and GOP vice presidential candidate, is the latest head covering to go on sale at Sheitel.com, a Brooklyn wig shop and Web site for Orthodox Jewish women who maintain modesty by concealing their natural hair.

“One of our stylists thought it would make a good style, so we produced it,” said Boruch Shlanger, one of Sheitel.com’s owners, in an e-mail to The Shmooze. “It is very easy to maintain, and is a very classic look, yet fashion forward!”

The article goes on to mention that Sheitel.com also has a Posh model available,  à la Victoria Beckham.

(NB As I trawled the web for ‘Sarah Palin Sheitel’, I realized that I’m actually two years late with this piece of ‘news’, but seeing as a) I’m a newcomer to America, b) I just heard about this and c) I write for those on both sides of the pond, I thought I could still get away with writing about this!)

On the subject of the moose-hunting Palinsky, I’m sure you heard how she recently inadvertently coined a new word: “refudiate”, a cross between ‘refute’ and ‘repudiate’. Articulate as ever.

* Sheitel – wig, worn by married Orthodox Jewish women

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