American Jews grumbling about Jewish culture?

19 Oct

Here’s a piece I wrote during this summer for Jewish Renaissance magazine. It’s a write-up about a ‘town hall meeting’ which took place at the 14th St Y in the East Village back in May this year. It was quite pretentious, but quite fascinating at the same time – involving a panel of ten diverse Jewish artists, critics and funders pontificating about “Now What? The Future of New Jewish Culture”.

It was particularly interesting listening to the discussion as a non-American – about all the supposed elements of ‘crisis’ that are hitting Jewish culture here – and I highlighted this angle in the piece, questioning if (us) Jews just like kvetching  and wringing our hands for the sake of it, rather than because there really is something to worry about!


2 Responses to “American Jews grumbling about Jewish culture?”

  1. Aliza Hausman October 28, 2012 at 02:06 #

    As an outsider, I’ve had the same feelings about similar complaints. When Jews like me have to worry about taken seriously about being Jewish or not being turned away from High Holiday services, it is easy to feel that too many Jews don’t appreciate how easy it is for them to be Jewish and take for granted what others, even other American Jews, wish they could have.

    • rebeccainspace October 28, 2012 at 10:15 #

      Good point – I guess there are many Jews around who don’t fit into the mould of mainstream American Jewry, even American ones like yourself!

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