Manhattanite doggy tails continued

11 Oct

To get down off my geo-political-Middle-Eastern-crisis high horse of my last post back to the more mundane (but arguably, no less important) matters of the idiosyncrasies of the fine canine population of Manhattan Island…

Spotted today on E. 86th St:

A Manhattanite woman species trotting-tottering along with a pink (yes, pink) poodle in tow.

Said pink poodle was pink, a baby-pink shade of pink.

No, not a pink coat placed on top of its furry fluff, but actual furry fluff dyed pink.

Said pink poodle was clad in a very fetching, sparkling diamante collar, and to top it all off, a shiny red bow in its ‘hair’ (that is, the excess furry fluff on top of its little poodly head was tied up into a ‘poodle-pony tail”).


2 Responses to “Manhattanite doggy tails continued”

  1. Abigail October 12, 2010 at 03:15 #

    UGH- YUCK!Is all I shall say.

    • alexei October 12, 2010 at 14:34 #

      I wonder what the reproductive effect on the poodle will be….will it have more or less success, and if more, will the pink gene be passed on?

      Scientists did tests c.10 years ago on a common garden bird, painting white stripes on the male’s wings. The male had far more partners. I have since grown sideburns, but with less marked success.

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