Meditation or a Big Mac?

3 May

Quick reappearance in world of blogs – as lightning finally strikes outside, breaking through a muggy New York night – to describe two radically contrasting approaches to life that hit me in the face today.

The first, I just saw on the BBC News website:

This shows a hermit in India who claims to have lived for as many as 70 years without food or drink, having created enough energy to live through the power of meditation and his mind. As the BBC writes:

The holy man claims that he derives energy through meditation

The Indian army has now apparently installed a surveillance camera in his hospital room to see if his claims add up. To date, he’s on 108 hours under supervision without any food or water (and without passing any urine or stools).

The second: Walking home past a long line of motorists waiting in their cars to buy McDonald’s at a Drive-Through on Broadway, Bronx, New York.

That annoyingly true phrase “You are what you eat” came to mind.


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