this time a lovely friendly bus ride – New York is redeemed :-)

4 Mar

After last posting’s horrible, nightmarish, doughnut-shaped loop of a bus ride, I’m happy to write that I had a very funny and friendly bus ride yesterday and have decided New Yorkers are much friendlier than Londoners.

People often start talking to each other on the buses here – they even, gasp, make eye contact with each other (as opposed to staring blankly ahead into the middle distance, a special talent of Londoners).

Yesterday, a guy sitting opposite me was showing another guy some aloe he had bought from the fruitshop. He was showing him how you can eat aloe raw and it’s really good for your health etc. (fyi, it looks a bit like a cactus plant). Anyway so I chipped in and started asking him about it, and he broke off a bit of the aloe and passed it to me to examine. He was saying how not only is it good for your skin, but it’s also good to eat.

And before you knew it, half the bus was joining in discussing the benefits of aloe and grilling him with questions about it. Everyone was smiling and enjoying the discussion.

I got off the bus in a very good mood.


2 Responses to “this time a lovely friendly bus ride – New York is redeemed :-)”

  1. Abigail March 5, 2010 at 04:35 #

    Re.aloe- did you ever use any of the aloe vera products we got you from Lanzagrotte? Apart from its diseased chav clubbing culture, the island is famous for growing loads of different types of cactus and aloe vera, everywhere we went we saw aloa- there’s even an aloe vera mueum/factory thingie i think!

  2. alexei March 9, 2010 at 03:33 #

    funny to see the mini shusher chipping into the discussion as well. glad to hear things are friendlier there – I found the same thing myself on my visit there around 10 years ago; I found them more giving of their time and attention

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